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Flower Essence Therapy


Crown Heights

Ikar at the Alcove

The Juneberry Tree Art Gallery


Welcome to our Website!

Are you a Jewish woman looking to add to your storehouse of wisdom and enrichment in a Jewish way?  

Then you will love the mix of eclectic classes and creative workshops we offer at 

Ikar at the Alcove, the Jewish woman's In-Town retreat located in Crown Heights!  

For a calendar of our events, click Events

Sharing space with Ikar at the Alcove, The Juneberry Tree Art Gallery is a new fine art exhibition space hosting solo and group artworks from emerging Jewish artists.  Keep an eye on our Art Exhibitions and Events for upcoming shows.  Artists wishing to exhibit may click the Contact page to reach us or call 718-774-0914 about submissions.

Tamar Adelstein, hey, that's me, is a certified Flower Essence practitioner.   In the field for nearly fifteen years,  my home office is in Crown Heights (which, as you may have already guessed, is housed in the same place with  Ikar at the Alcove and The Juneberry Tree Art Gallery!) My flower essence remedies are prepared from a number of different flower essence gardens including Bach, Healing Herbs, FES, Australian Bush, Delta Gardens, Alaskan Flower Essences, Desert Alchemy, and Harebell among others. For an introduction to Flower Essences, click Flower Essence Therapy of Crown Heights.

To book a Flower Essence consultation, click Contact or call me at 718-774-0914.  

For a calendar of my upcoming Flower Essence workshops, click Flower Essence Arts.

Looking forward to greeting you,


Flower Essence Therapy of Crown Heights

Flower Essence Arts

Ikar at the Alcove

The Juneberry Tree Art Gallery

Phone : 718-774-0914

Cell : 347-774-1248